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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] sporting goods giant NIKE by a portion of the company by cutting carbon emissions and the transfer and optimize procurement base, as the company implemented a sustainable development movement. In the company's 2012 and 2013 annual sustainable business performance summary report, NIKE companies in the key areas of climate, energy, labor, chemicals, water, waste and other community have made significant progress. NIKE noted that from fiscal year 2011 baseline set by date, the company has been reduced by nearly three percent of carbon emissions in their value chain, despite revenue growth of 26% over the previous year, production also increased, but the company in the past 14% reduction in two years, suppliers, factories reduced from 910 to 785, be realized from a smaller number of quality suppliers in procurement. NIKE president and CEO Mark Park mentioned in the report:. "The future of environmentally friendly materials will gradually be more price competitive, not to reduce growth by redefining the enterprise in response to climate change, the protection of the Earth's limited resources will respect What is more, as "(. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and footwear News) : there are still a lot of surprises this year, but Jordan Brand is considering far more than we expected. Now we see two Air Jordan that will be on sale in the spring of 2014. A suit in 2010 infrared appeared white / red Air Jordan VI, next yea air jordan 11 space jam for sale r is VI 23rd anniversary, so once again launch a separate color this item 384664-123, tentatively be not at all surprising, released next February; another pair is derived from the first year of 1995 the white color / dark blue / black Air Jordan X, 310805-106. On March, the provisional. (VI diagram for the 2010 version, X version in 1995 2014, copy or details) has the best; when it EVA boots and 3D Ultralite shock this Reebok Shroud with "Rain Man" Camp in the year of big kill four years later, the shoe also ushered in the news recently engraved, it seems that the shoes will be listed in the first quarter of next year, and is likely to be at the beginning of the month before and we meet again. nemesis tushang market information online confirmation, once again exposed the "enemy" in a series of two Nike SB Dunk High clear pictures, North Carolina Tar Heel team color on behalf of Black Skate and Georgetown University Sheep team Palace 5ive amazing color symbol, two skateboard shop showdown, which one will you choose? source: Dragon seven KO PE / Air Jordan 1 Retro KO High Chicago 0 PE/ Russell Westbrook Pro exposure, Air Jordan 10 thunder away reviews on an article: KO, Jordan / Air, 1, Retro, KO, High, Chicago, next article: 0, PE/, Russell, Westbrook, pro exposure, Air, Jordan, 10, thunder, away, PE , atmos,, FORCE, "NIKE AIR, 107, LV8", will be released only in Japan, which continues to signal to the world that a unique sneaker culture will be available. Born 34 years ago, AIR FORCE 1, in recent years, with the revival of retro tren cheap air jordans online d, and gradually returned to the shoes of the king position. This work continues Air Force 1 Classic contour, the use of leather shoes material collocation camouflage reflection pattern, at the same time in the sole and black shoes with laces add texture, equipped with punching type 1 Air Force design, to maintain good ventilation shoes. Shoes will be scheduled for October 29th onwards, in , atmos, Sports, Lab, by, atmos, F, atmos series stores and online shopping mall opened, is expected to set off a wave of camouflage spree. ?? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike Kobe 11 Elite 4KB "Pale Horse" of the latest design color checkerboard VANSSupreme Logo, Supreme x VANS announced the latest models of cooperation comments on A: Nike Kobe 11 Elite 4KB "Pale Horse" the latest color design of a checkerboard VANSSupreme Logo, Supreme x VANS announced the latest models of cooperationEinstein once said, imagination is the reality of scientific research factors. another level, imagination is not only the reality of scientific research, is the factor of human life and survival are esse jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ntial. If there is no imagination, on the other side of the sea of human can not know exactly what kind of scenery, can not take the first step on the moon after, not after the "Trinidad Jiangling day" one thousand years really completed the ancient long cherished wish. French Pompidou Art Center are very talented imagination, and imagination is often based on reality. For example, Air Max 1 is Tinker Hatfield in France after a visit to the architectural design of the Pompidou Art Center, wheel for Tinker imagination and inspiration are history at that moment, the very air visual window in the history of the development of shoes components finally born. 1987 in March 26th, Air Max 1 officially released the day. in the next 30 years, new material, new color for comfort and constantly improve this pair of shoes is given and make shoes too many to count, culture is more strong joint design. If Air Max culture period of development stages, then 2003 is a watershed. atmos x Nike Air Max 1 " Elephant" Prior to , Air Max is a stage of cultural formation, and then after the period to 2009, Air Max signed the shoes of the golden age, including the 2003 atmos x Nike Air Max 1 "Viotech", atoms x Air Max 1 "Safari", Kid Robot x Nike Air 2005 Max in 2006 1, the atmos x Nike Air Max 1 "Animal", and in the year of the atmosx regression Nike Air engraved Max 1 "Elephant" milepost for them is an important part of the Air Max 1 cultural history, is Air Max 1 after 30 years of long years remain one of the reasons enough popularity. yes, not too many shoes can be in jordans on sale online after 30 years still was also raised in a number of different cultural background of young people deeply loved. Air Max 1 or Air Max family of brilliant, brilliant, began in the first year of the OG Sport Red color, that a beam of light through the Air visual Max 1 air phase 〉 classic poster1. Harden Vol.1 "Fear the Fork" yellow black is always one of the most dazzling colors of black lines, both Batman logo, cordoned off the criminal case with will use yellow signs obviously, and this idea also extends to the WOW series "warning" color, Curry series of yellow and black camouflage. This pair of inspiration from the college badge Harden harden Vol.1 "Fear the Fork" color, also alert sense, wearing this pair of shoes that defender "don't mess with me", presumably also very street provocation. 2. Crazy Explosive "Christmas" As one of the members of the adidas2016 series of Christmas, this pair of Crazy Explosive "Christmas" is indeed full of festive atmosphere. Snow white and grey camouflage collocation XENO coating vamp "three bar" Logo, like the snow from the soldiers, and Tiffany color of outsole and uppers of shoes more detail also allows a fresh sense of itself. Do not say first whether you cool shoes, homes are not willing to take it on May is a problem. 3. Air Jordan 30.5 "Why Not " will be available for sale in the end of the month Air Jordan 30.5 will let you become the highlight of the court. Whether it is "Westbrook exclusive effect" brought, or the special shoes itself will let others look at your feet. Whether it is a street or combat, Retro jordans for sale this pair of Air Jordan 30.5 "Why Not" will let you become the passers-by / golfers topic. 4. adidas D-Rose 7 "Hoops Nation " and Unlimited Pack "Adidas" Hoops almost at the same time the launch of Nation is in the South American coast inspired design color, this pair of Adidas D-Rose 7 "Hoops Nation with fresh water green collocation gold details form the basis of the background, and HoopsColor Nation lining extends to the shoe collar, in the green gold color based on fresh Duoleyifen glory of the black gold danjue. The rarity of the shoes, wearing the shoes to play, will definitely attract the attention of many people. TOP basketball, do not regularly update brings high quality basketball feast for you, welcome to add attention!23921386436468_620_382.jpg (79.2 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 13:11 upload Halloween, spawned many brands to meet the holiday shopping season determination. New Balance is a member of nature. In order to cope with the upcoming Christmas spending period, New Balance released a variety of shoes skateboard line repeatedly. This double New Balance Numeric Brighton High is one of the 354. As is known for its lightweight skateboard shoes, this pair of New Balance Numeric Brighton High 354 in the building material of upper selected lightweight matte suede and leather printing. Originally the tiger like camouflage shoes and careful observation will find the original camouflage details is composed of numerous feather pattern design is very innovative. The shoes have been in flatspot for $72 on sale, don't miss the love Cheap jordans online buddy. 35071386436467_620_382.jpg (87.19 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 13:11 upload 41451386436467_620_382.jpg (87.52 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 13:11 upload 93091386436468_620_382.jpg (64.14 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 13:11 upload 18501386436468_620_382.jpg (76.13 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 13:11 upload 00 : according to the latest statistics from the customs of Chengdu, the global financial tsunami is having a negative impact on Sichuan's foreign trade. Although total foreign trade exports grew 77.7% in October this year, Sichuan Province, far higher than the 19.2% of the country's overall export growth, but from the data, the traditional bulk exports is hit, only clothing and footwear exports will be reduced by nearly 10% single month. large enterprises become the main export yesterday, Chengdu Customs said that in October, our province exports amounted to $1 billion 430 million, in one fell swoop over the $1 billion 400 million mark, following the April this year, in July after a new monthly export record, and far higher than 19.2% of the country's overall export growth. Compared to the coastal foreign trade suffered a sharp slowdown in the financial crisis, the customs statistics show that large enterprises, large groups and mechanical and electrical products have become the main force in pushing up Sichuan's export in October. according to statistics, in October the province's total export volume of more than 10 million U. s.dollars of enterprises have 12, including Intel, Dongfang Power, Honghua, Panzhihua Iron and steel, and other 10 large-scale production-oriented enterprises. All 12 enterprises in October to achieve total exports of 670 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 2.3 times, net growth of 470 million U. s.dollars, accounting for 46.8% of Sichuan's overall export share. traditional bulk exports freeze compared to the rapid growth of exports of large enterprises, the traditional bulk export products were significantly affected by the global financial crisis, of which clothing and footwear fell by 10%. It is understood that in October, Sichuan exported clothing and accessories $170 million, down 10.9%. By September, a slight increase of 1.9% trend to negative growth in the first 9 months of the cumulative export growth of 31.1%. At the same time, last month, our province exported footwear 18 million 530 thousand U. s.dollars, down 10.5%, which is also the 18 consecutive month of positive growth, Sichuan's footwear exports are the first negative growth. Provincial Department of Commerce, said that although the current economic operation in our province affected by global financial crisis, but with the lag effect and the transmission effect gradually, foreign trade exports may be subject to a certain degree of impact. In order to reduce the financial crisis on the impact of export trade, the commerce department has developed a series of measures to strengthen ASEAN, Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and other markets, expand the breadth and depth of investment, and actively undertake industrial transfer, the formation of industrial chain. (editor in chief: admin)today, A BATHING APE x adidas Originals joint series has been released, I believe you also from the major social media to see the scene of the sale of hot, and even some people in order to line up, collapsed to the ground. However, follow the flow and through the head, may also wish to focus on other styles, I think Adidas Originals debut over the same period; X BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS Series in appearance than the former one. Whether it is full of sense of functionality, ID96 hooded down coat, or gray and black shoes with striped pattern of joint NMD, are more restrained and fashionable, and also easier to match. Compared to the A BATHING APE X; Adidas Originals joint series, they believe it will be easier to hand reentry, is now available via the Solebox designated stores purchased, the pricing for 150 euros. 13 , Beijing on April; FILA's new ultra light training shoes ULTRA FIT launched the "Earth Day" limited edition, and also held a press conference in beijing. It is reported that FILA ULTRA FIT "Earth Day"; color, inspired by the 1970 launched the "World Earth Day", aims to promote the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, at the same time with popular culture in the design of shoes. The upper design in earth satellite map for inspiration, to "sky" and "ocean" and "land" and "Jungle" four environmental elements as upper color tone. is worth mentioning that the FILA ULTRA FIT gains and losses, "Earth Day" publishing experience in Beijing is located in the Workers Stadium near iBodyRock sweat exchange show in the factory, ULTRA FIT and "Earth Day" of the design concept, all media colleagues also wearing ULTRA FIT experience "sweat heart and lung function training (HIIT3.0)", the sweat at the same time, also tested the comfort and movement of ULTRA FIT in a certain extent, and by CBA MC Liu Fangyu, the famous Beijing home court "will run" editor, opinion leader Yang Cheng shoes back to the scene. It is reported that FILA, ULTRA FIT "Earth Day" will be held on April 15th by FILA Beijing Oriental Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong flagship store, Shanghai Hong Kong Shopping Plaza store, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Maoye department store, Guangzhou Tianhe Zhengjia Plaza store, Changchun zuzan Times Square store, Shenyang ZTE commercial building shop, FILA official website and other channels limited edition for this, special "Earth" camouflage like friends remember that concern.from Cambridge's sports shoes retailer Concept and Asics's joint shoes Lyte V Gel The "Phoenix" series of second pairs of shoes will be on sale on Saturday. The series inspired by Greek fairy tales in a phoenix rising from the ashes of the myth, be on sale this shoe on behalf of the phoenix nest, and whenever the Phoenix know himself to be near death time (per 500 years to 10 years), it will be fragrant branches to build their nests and in the flame combustion. When it fast burn, there will be a newborn Phoenix fly from flame. The shoe will be on sale in Concepts on August 9th, limited to 500 pairs. source: Sneakernews