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Dr. shoes I am a sports shoe manufacturer's technical staff, but I am also a fan of sneakers, what world-renowned sports brand Nike zoom air used works by what? We 2005-07-19 10:11:33 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; Print & nbsp; Close For Nike zoom air cushion works well because of its official no technical details were released too much, so we can only speculate based on their analyzes. Currently popular on the Internet is a saying is this: Everyone knows zoom air is by air and in the middle of the fiber to shock, but it's exactly what mechanism? First, the structure is a zoom air cushion flat, then the middle of many of nylon fiber, with a flat top and bottom ends of the fibers of a fabric, may be up and down the inner wall of the way with hot air cushion is fixed. direction due to the expansion of gases and other properties, zoomm air cushion has a tendency to form spherical, and nylon fibers will stretch into a tight state, thereby forming a balance, so that it can be maintained at such a thin thickness (a typical thickness of 8mm ), whether it is the will drum up. form nylon fibers are basically two: However, these nylon fiber in the end is how the shock of it? You must start thinking like me, thought it was a nylon fiber own rebound. That's so long ago I found weird place. For example Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , do not we hold a dental floss to straighten it, and this time it is with zoom air in tight nylon fibers exhibit the same state, when it forced to the middle pressure, what will happen? direct soft off, would not have to play the two ends is not it? That zoom air in the end is why this resilient it? A safe is actually very simple, you have learned when I was young, that tension. Let's look at the usual zoom air: when it is under pressure from the upper and lower ends, the position of the force will be like nylon fiber floss as weakness, loss of tight state, while its upper and lower surfaces of the shorter distance, but the focus is outside the force position nylon fiber: As shown in the figure, since the force receiving portion by the volume reduction, this position would have been in the air is pushed to the other parts, resulting in an increase in pressure unstressed position, volume expansion, the nylon fibers are stretched, i.e. not force receiving portion is elongated. is stretched nylon fiber tension will increase, than the original equilibrium value is also large, because the distance is short, so it should be able to remain within the elastic deformation range. When the power over the maximum after (you can imagine the force into the normal curves), the larger tension will force the back to the origina jordan 3 katrina 2018 l nylon fiber length and size down to balance the tension on duty, so Volume unstressed portion will reduce, and the air force to squeeze section, then the original parts of the force of the pressure will increase, resulting in an undershoot power up, this is what we feel the stretch. mechanized full terms, zoom air cushion itself, already has a cushion property cushion shock, but the middle and lower ends fixed joined nylon fiber support material, in the shock absorbers, the fiber itself is stretched by the increased tension , you can prevent the force part continue to shrink, so can zoom air in such a short distance, providing a very excellent shock absorption, followed in order to increase the tension force the fiber length back to equilibrium state, squeezing the air so The original parts of the force of the pressure increase resilience, so it also has to make amazing flexibility and feedback. If you shock the principle of common air of view (first ignored will complicate matters in the end), it is largely unaffected by increasing the volume of parts of the force, the tension generated by the expansion of the plastic skin to provide a response Flexible. zoom air in addition also has a plastic skin tension, but also increased the number of nylon fiber, so it will be excellent elastic response rate than ordinary air, it Cheap foamposites for sale s essence is that the tension between the use of nylon fibers and fight each other to adjust the air pressure to produce the role of shock absorbers and feedback. Related newsNike, Inc. today announced the latest innovations in technology professional football : Nike "poison Feng " (The Nike Hypervenom). This is a based on Neymar , Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other strikers feedback and suggestions of the brand new football boots. These players made ??it clear they want a quick creation of attack in the restricted area of ??space and complete the shot from any angle offensive weapon.Players talked about the rising rival flexibility , they think now with many of the world's top Guards as fast striker agility , superior technology . The feedback is the most direct Neymar : "I need to help me a more frequent and rapid creation of space for shoes and I need it to improve my flexibility , so I had to look at the opponent into a shot can be done before ."Nike soccer shoes category vice president Phil McCartney (Phil McCartney) , "said Neymar opinion is essential. Previously, he has been wearing assassin nine generations (Mercurial Vapor IX), this shoe can help the players insight and discovery a strike enemy space , is a pure speed-type product and the ' poison Feng ' emphasize the importance of creating space ball into t foamposites for cheap he goal . this is particularly important nuances , ' drug front ' emphasis on improving the flexibility and players Shooting . "Category by Nike football design director Dennis Coffin Abramovich (Denis Dekovic) design team led by observing today 's offensive game design and development process to proceed . Coffin Popovich said: "The game is changing. Previously, speed is the key offensive game , but now each player 's speed very quickly . ' Drug front ' is the birth of a response to this change . Striker hopes changes faster , which only refers to run faster, but also means that in a small space with the ball faster. they want to use their inherent flexibility in the defensive penalty area found offensive tight space does not exist then create the opportunity to confront those faster, more flexible defender , ' drug front ' shoes is designed for this purpose . ""These strikers in the game to show the extraordinary talent and creative performance so deeply impressed the fans , whether it is the fans , teammates or opponents are well aware of these players can create the greatest threat we face the challenge of how meet their needs and provide advantages to play their best products . "This new product design team that must be manufactured shoes revolution in the way innovation . McCartney said: "Generally speaking, a new shoe wil cheap jordans for sale l focus on improving comfort, shoe materials, shoe soles and studs configuration. ' Drug front ' shoes in the above aspects with a new solution when we players communicate, we understand that the only solution is to create a new product . "Coffin Popovich added: " ' drug front ' of the upper with the new NIKESKIN system . NIKESKIN in soft mesh material with polyurethane film , then add the Nike ACC Technology (All Conditions Control technology, ACC). ACC technology to ensure that both the wet or dry conditions , with the same soccer shoes of control . "" Mesh material to make shoes with extraordinary comfort and feel. Players want us to build a feeling as close as possible to play barefoot shoes , let us use mesh step closer . Nike ACC technology can keep dry the mesh , but it does not reduce the flexibility and comfort shoes , track shoes and thus will not affect the performance and designed . ""Poison front" also features a brand new shoe , shoe section focuses on the removal of the embedded material, so that the foot closer to the venue and soccer. It is by far the most human body structure Nike shoe last .The last element of the design is perhaps the most easily underestimated football innovations . Nike and several of the world's top podiatrist cooperation has created a separate forefoot outsole - it helps to get rid of gu cheap foamposites ard , especially when the players took a critical first step . The effect can be found in the forefoot cavity , it can help the first one metatarsal fast start , it is this part of the response determines the start time of the feet .The bottom of the outsole compress nylon , making the soles lighter, faster response and help transfer power and very light. The structure and length of the spikes through careful design, grip soles can quickly and more quickly activated. All design innovations are designed to allow players to create space faster than ever before .McCartney said: "' Poison front ' shoes is a creative new generation of players to the most perfect interpretation . ' Poison Feng ' agile , fast , it completes the finishing touches on this planet can emulate a handful of top striker . "New Nike ' poison Feng ' shoes will be June 2 game against England in Brazil Neymar and Wayne Rooney wearing by the debut . Other upcoming wearing the new shoes · players including Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Robert Lewandowski and Danny - Danny Welbeck .this with the Bulls Jersey color inspired home court Nike Air More Uptempo "Scottie Pippen", by the side of the shoe body black suede material AIR characters, and extends downward to the bottom, white shoe collocation effect is more obvious, toe and heel and tongue with red swoosh, red in the bottom cushion as well as echo. 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APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! 2011-12-29 10:19 upload and download the attachment (74.48 KB) NSW launched more female products to cater to more choices, in front of the Nike WMNS Air Force Low Light 1 is the case, the type of shoes to be thinner and more suitable for collocation, but sneakerhead may be very picky Air Force 1 shoes. Just like Dunk High Skinny and NSW Air Max concept products (such as Air Max Zephyr), Air Force 1 Low Light while maintaining the original style for slim provide consumers with a more narrow shoes appearance, such as thinner in the bottom of the design. Before the exposure of "ice MINT" color, but this "dark metal" may be more suitable for the season in. 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