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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; well-known sporting goods company Nike and Adidas to compete Zheng has gone to court. Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Corp. has been formally charged Adidas (China) Co., Ltd., striker Zheng Zhi has become the second defendant. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike, Inc. on May 12, held a news conference to announce in Beijing, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Company formally unfair competition sued Adidas, Adidas will become the first defendant, with Nike had signed an exclusive sponsorship deal internationals Zheng became the second defendant. Meanwhile, Nike, Adidas also asked the court to stop all use of Zheng Zhi Adidas brand image advertising and product commercialization activities. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; It is understood that Nike had signed with Zheng over period from 2003 to 2007 an exclusive sponsorship contract, the contract also stipulates that the contract period cheap air jordans Zheng Zhi can not use its own image, directly or indirectly, Any other direct competition with Nike's brand or product in promotional activities. However, from 2005 onwards, Zheng has repeatedly participated in their personal capacity Adidas brand campaign in China and Europe, and the other wearing a shirt. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; evidence Nike enumerated believe that Zheng was also in last year's Super League began wearing Adidas sneakers, and in the end went to Europe in Madrid attended a commercial activity Adidas etc. . It is understood that Nike had on the matter with Adidas and Zheng I had to communicate, but the latter has not been a positive response. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in domestic football, not much about the event of infringement. Whether there are national teams in the Super League to participate in international competition, often the team is a sponsor, but the play cheap jordans er himself has signed up another sponsor, sometimes inevitable disputes. For such events, mostly by way of coordination and communication to solve, and therefore the court opponents and the players, this was the first time.??????air jordan retro metallic release date Baby jordan viii Franc s con puntos jordan retro metallic release date Baby" /〉 best running shoes womens WOW just wow Love love love this organization in their garage DIY Garage pegboard for tools spray paint and supplies Only need inches for depth The Creativity Exchange jordan retail store locator Vanilla Cinnamon Candied Almonds Sweet crunchy roasted candied almonds coated in a mouthwatering vanilla and cinnamon crust http thechunkychef com air jordan retro metallic release date Baby ??????coupons for sneakers Chaises hautes bois et acier noir High chairs wood and black steel balenciaga town an foamposites for cheap thracite du b ton la place du marbre cheap air max leather Cr me Br l e Tarts coupons for sneakers Chaises hautes bois et acier noir High chairs wood and black steel Spy Shots Air Jordan IX "Crawfish" do not note 2013-12-08 22:21:26 This year, we already know will be a lot of Air Jordan IX color on sale, but the new version still during exposure. Front embroidery within this tongue "Crawfish" word new color Air Jordan IX shoes in white with red and yellow, tongue "Crawfish" seems to mean in 1993 when Michael Jordan first retired concerned occurred in a historical moment, Like "Johnny Kilroy" story in general. It is reported that this "Crawfish" do not note the Air Jordan IX will be on sale this the first stage of the 3 colors, are pure white leather uppers collocation in the bottom, but we can also imagine that there is a pair of white color without official appearance. o air jordan 11 space jam for sale n the double! The same shoes without Swoosh, full of leather material, and the head of the shoelace are decorated with gold. At the same time, in the continuation of the Nike retro sports shoes vigor and temperament, let people face a bright white shoes dress, I am afraid to attract a lot of fans' eyeballs!today about the shoes the upstart NMD offering information presumably took most of the attention you. But you may forget just yesterday in March 16th, is another brand VANS 50 anniversary of the establishment of the big day. From 1966 van Doren create the first waffle cake like rubber bottom's loafers began and now the brand become a different attitude to life. Spanning half a century of VANS, the initial heart unchanged. For the 50 anniversary celebration, VANS to create a "The Story of" Vans animated short film. Film to use painting, paper cutting, etc. elements combined with the br jordan shoes online sale and classic shoes, easy sense of humor about 50 years vans the reason for the growth is such a unique brand experience of major events. At the same time, it reviews the vans in extreme sports, art, music and fashion of achievement. Just like what is said in the video: "whenever people lined up mad pursuit of a seasonal trend, we will still show the original VANS." Whether it is the next 50 years or the next 50 years, VANS has to go its own way to accompany you, as your tide. Then quickly through the video review up to commemorate 50 years of glorious history VANS.2015 in early Li Ning basketball launched a new basketball boots Li Ningguanghuan (- halo), this pair of shoes is the most notable Mo too it is equipped with a Li arch cushioning technology, for those familiar with the Li Ning basketball friends presumably for arch ring technology is no stranger to today we report basketball he cheap foamposites ro is a pair of the black x x blue white color of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo). as Li Ning in the core of the slow one of the technology shock, Li Ning bow by the introduction of highly concerned about the vast number of consumers, Li arch slow shock technology based on Li Ning bow shock absorption principle, and before we common Li Ning bow different, now the ring arch slow seismic technology has the characteristics of compact and flexible, modular ring arch cushioning technology can be more for the placed in the focus point and provide better corrosion effect of earthquake. Most slow earthquake science and technology application in the heel of the shoe below, when we landed and can get better protection, but basketball against fierce, non normal landing is very common, and at this moment, the module of cushioning technology also can show their talents, designers in Li Ningguanghuan (- halo) followed by inner and outer side has two modules of ring arch slow earthquake science and technology, as a result, whether we are inside of foot first or outer side of the first to, annular arch cushioning technology can be first time gain strength and responding quickly to make correct judgment, to provide good protection for us. In addition to cushioning technology let a person shine at the moment, this pair of Li Ningguanghuan (LI-NING Halo) of the upper material also makes people feel fresh. This pair of shoes vamp uses synthetic leather + net cloth as the material, and to create seamless retie one process, with strong toughness, when double foot into the shoe, the first time we can feel a sense of a full range of package. In addition, this pair of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo) shoe body area 3 / 4 use foil process can not only reduce the weight of the shoe body, strengthen the ventilation performance, also the specular highlight film, also let shoes reflects the strong sense of science and technology! finished two characteristics of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo), come back to talk about the details of the design of this pair of shoes, is better able to explain the good intentions of designers. First, for most basketball enthusiasts can only play on the outdoor court, a pair of sneakers whether wear has become the focus of basketball fans are concerned, designers in this pair of shoes used PavTrac wear science and technology, to increase the durability of this pair of shoes is, let it can accompany Basketball love good for long periods of time. Secondly, this pair of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo) bottom lines "rectangular" neatly arranged, whether the wearer force toward which direction will get rapid response, and is associated with a decent grasp effect, and the medial forefoot of a "doughnut" design not only with Li arch slow seismic technology is similar to the wonderful, but also to meet the functional requirements of grip and steering kill two birds with one stone. 's eyes a bright color and the successful application of the new technology makes this bow Masquelier J Li double Li Ningguanghuan (LI-NING Halo〉Not the same feeling Saint Alfred x Vans Chukka Boot kind appreciation trend 2013-12-08 22:35:18 Chicago this week teamed up shop Saint Alfred Vans skateboard brand giant launched a Saint Alfred x Vans Chukka Boot. The cooperation of a single product with a classic Chukka Boot for the design blueprint, Saint Alfred then injected in his possession a number of innovative elements. Saint Alfred added at the tongue of the "STA" logo, also used crude shoelace shoelace color lines, very special, to Vans shoes tradition brings a different feeling.