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yesterday - share the black version of the Kobe 9 High EXT, today more shot picture let us clearly understand this "Swoosh" casual shoes. Snake leather black Touzhe pure black mamba lineage, and the upper dot shape is reminiscent of the Kobe 6. This shoe number 717593-001, will be listed in December 13th. source: ; retro in Japan this year still swept the Taiwan fashion, following the end of February the first wave of the 574 series of Taiwan, New Balance this season launched by the Japanese team design and development of the female 574-WRC574, appearance with superior texture wine red and blue, the more people can not resist the bright color, the more creative use of outdoor shoes the thread shoe laces, shoe surface using advanced breathable suede, breathable fabric, canvas, various materials used to add fashion sense of design, supplemented with different levels of color collocation, show retro style. Using Solid rubber reinforced rubber sole abrasion resistant outsole, improve wear resistance; stability of device increased foot heel CR direction control, practical and functional collocation on wine red, blue and purple mysterious Zhanjiang, tender pink color series debut. Shishi efforts to build industrial carriers to enhance industrial intensive level. At present the Shishi Economic Development Zone, beautiful clothing industrial park, Baogai Shoe Industrial Park as the leading industrial park in 111 construction projects, 55 Construction projects. 2 million 500 thousand square meters of standard workshops have been built and put into use, leading enterprises and industries to focus on industrial parks, forming industrial agglomeration effects, and promoting the sound and rapid development of county economy. Shishi in accordance with the "high starting point, high standard construction, efficient managem foamposites for cheap ent, high level of foreign investment" principle to accelerate the economic development zone, natural Shishi garment industrial park, Baogai shoe industrial park three municipal industrial park and Pengshan area planning and construction, and guide enterprises to gather Industrial Park, accelerate the formation of the leading projects, related enterprises centralized and close cooperation of regional industry gathering center. Pay attention to PTA, Wen Xing textile fiber, Wanlian super projects such as the leading role, accelerate the development of modern textile industry, and comprehensively promote the quality of differentiation, weaving, dyeing and finishing, garment accessories brand diversification, actively cultivate and develop high-tech, bio chemical and petrochemical downstream industry and other emerging industries. At the same time, the integration and construction area of Shishi town and industrial agglomeration, accelerate the construction of standard factory buildings, planning and construction of hardware accessories, textile and other industries Jinshang base, expanding Phoenix in children's clothing, pants, Yongning Jiangxi Han sporting goods production base, develop industry characteristic, the comparative advantages of industrial clusters. Shishi to continuously improve the policies and measures to support the industrial clusters, promoting the construction of innovation, quality inspection, product exhibition, financial services, e-commerce and other public service system, optimize the development of ecological environment industry. At the same time, according to various types of industrial parks, increasing investment efforts to promote more technology and capital intensive, environmentally friendly projects settled in our city. (editor in chief: admin) as the textile, clothing and footwear manufacturing exporter, Vi cheap jordans for sale etnam in the TPP after the entry into force can enjoy zero tariff, or it can stimulate the Vietnamese textile exports, at the same time, will also promote foreign direct investment (FDI) more in vietnam. Deborah, executive director of the Asia Trade Center, and Emmas (DeborahElms), even directly indicated that the largest beneficiary would be Vietnam after the TPP came into effect, followed by Malaysia and Japan, ·. however, some scholars have pointed out that TPP is not a "antidote" to Vietnam's exports, but "poison"". For example, the North American Free Trade Area Agreement after the entry into force, its impact on trade in goods is not very large, due to the influx of foreign capital, but also may even crack down on local related industries. Vietnam is optimistic, is optimistic about the impact of the TPP, which is equivalent to getting the privilege of entering the US and Japanese markets". Vietnam's largest exporter of textiles is the United States, accounting for nearly 50% of exports, followed by the European Union and Japan, and this is in Vietnam textile and footwear exports to the United States tax rate of 17%~32%. It is foreseeable that zero tariffs will bring more benefits. the Vietnamese government expects TPP to bring in $33 billion 500 million in economic benefits over the next 10 years, equivalent to 1/5 of its current gross domestic product (GDP). In fact, since 2010, Vietnam's exports to the United States have increased by 38%. The Pedersen Institute for International Economics (PIIE) related model predicted that the amount of the main industrial sectors such as Vietnam clothing and shoes export in 2025 through duty-free exports to other countries increased by 46% to $165 billion. China Institute of modern international relations, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania Institute Nie Huihui recently compl Cheap jordans online eted a survey of vietnam. In an interview with the International Business Daily reporter, said, in the investigation process, you can see that Vietnam overall TPP positive view, think from a macro perspective, TPP overall good for Vietnam's economy. Nie Huihui said that although there are differences, but the mainstream view in Vietnam there are two main points of TPP positive prediction. First, as will be gradually reduced to zero tariffs, export competition, Vietnam textile manufacturing products increased dramatically, while Vietnam's export led by GDP 1/3, there is no doubt that TPP to promote GDP growth will help vietnam. Second, in terms of structural capacity, TPP will force Vietnam domestic enterprises, institutions reform mechanism. At present, Vietnam enterprises are joint-stock, slow development of serious, and the influx of foreign enterprises will bring new impetus to the reform of local enterprises in vietnam. In addition, there are a small number of scholars believe that TPP can promote the protection of Vietnam's rights and interests of workers, as well as workers' freedom to hold meetings. foreign firms in Vietnam for TP) from the concentrated outbreak of food safety problems to the frequent occurrence of commodity quality problems, and now the whole Chinese consumer market has been seriously questioned in the vicious development. Hogwash oil, clenbuterol, and poisonous milk powder...... One of the most hated terms threatens the health and safety of consumers and undermines the reputation and image of the industry. These so-called "regular" enterprises under the banner of "good faith" under the guise of profits in the market but neglect the social moral bottom line, in the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked after bow and scrape apologized to the public, it is not worth to be forgiven. A corporate image is the pa Cheap air jordans for sale instaking efforts can make up for repentance, give up the consumer trust approach to the immediate interests and is clearly the The loss outweighs the gain. Throughout the footwear market, a variety of footwear quality problems are endless, causing consumers complain about the market again and again, unfulfilled promise of after-sale is even more disappointing. cable material in the chamber, Mo Liang in the fire; cableway in the world when, Mo Liang cheng. Honesty is the prerequisite for the survival of enterprises and individuals, as well as the social responsibility that must be complied with and fulfilled. It is also the key to building their own image. Corporate image is the public through the characteristic and the enterprise product marketing strategy and other elements and set up the overall impression of the enterprise, is the external manifestation of the spirit of enterprise culture, so as to leave a deeply ingrained in the public mind, can reflect an enterprise's overall mental outlook. For the shoe enterprises, shaping the corporate image is the focus of certainty in the decision of its own development direction, but also to promote the brand construction and the promotion of the magic weapon in poor quality, poor service industry market environment, the image of the industry is bound to be affected, but consumers have to buy such products, so in this case only the first shoe, alone, do the image project construction, in order to become a leader in the industry, and guide the continuous improvement of the image of the industry. shoe enterprises to establish a good corporate image in the public, we must first train ourselves -- to provide quality products and services for the market, it is essential to the enterprise. If deviate from this principle, brand building can not start, the development of enterprises will b jordan 3 katrina 2018 ecome empty talk. Therefore, shoe enterprises to provide safe and healthy products and thoughtful and meticulous service, is the first brick to build corporate image. Shoe enterprises need to develop a complete set of production process specification, education staff must strictly comply with every detail process system, to control the quality of products to improve efficiency at the same time, optimization of technical equipment and application materials, to ensure product compliance. Shoes enterprises can also cooperate with some specialized research institutions and universities, introduce patent technology and innovation concepts, increase the added value of products, and create strong brands. In terms of services, shoe enterprises should pay special attention to the terminal links, including store decoration, product display, customer service and market guide service, this is to give consumers the most intuitive feelings and impressions, but also seize the best way for consumers to lay the foundation for the market resources, the. 〈 /) Harbin footwear industry market recently reflected, the market is blocked and fire hydrant sprinkler embedded ceiling, escape placed on the container, a serious fire safety hazards, in case of fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. The reporter came to the next day before in the two floor of the mall "golden shoes" boutique, decoration fire hydrant was on a shelf in the end, a box filled with shoes in front of the fire hydrant. According to the owners reflect, some businesses in order to facilitate operations, simply put the fire hydrant to decorate inside the container, so that the loss of the use function. In the two floor shopping mall, most of the sprinkler facilities are useless. Some operators for decoration, in boutique hanging ceiling mounted lamp, with the shower head Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale mall roof cover tightly, if there is a fire, the spray head can not form a fan spray, difficult to play the role of automatic fire extinguishing. the shop on fire situation, they anxiously said: "shopping malls to retain residents of all fire facilities damage allowed, once the fire be unbearable to contemplate the consequences." (Editor: admin)adidas Originals NMD a variety of color and changing style makes people increasingly high expectations for it. The day before, the brand and the popular color shoes launched a new design, called "Vapour Grey", although translated into Chinese called "steam ash", but one of the most popular earth color: beige, except Boost in the bottom, stable color and rubber outsole are use the Primeknit color knitting uppers, sign "three bar" logo, showing exquisite elegant, stylish atmosphere. This pair of shoes is the most characteristic, its stable color printed on the front part of the French "La Marque Aux 3 Bandes", translated as "one to three bars as a symbol of the brand", it is the finishing touch to make shoes. It is reported that this pair of Adidas Originals NMD "Vapour Grey" will be released next month. -- -- -- -- -- -- extending reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! this is one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! Zhou Bichang can do more to get involved in the marathon jerseys match! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked 〉 Atlanta street name Epitome Saucony last year for classic Shadow 5000 build a double named "Righteous One" joint color, its inspiration from the local landmark "Big Fish", the use of high-grade pigskin suede leather making shoes with leather scales and the use of green and golden lake, the details are still impressive. Epitome recently invited to custom designer Jake Danklefs shoes for this pair of shoes is a whimsical remodeling, the shoe body grafted to adidas white UltraBOOST on the bottom, and restore the original design into the golden ink, picture is very harmonious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes from the British fashion name, Flatspot released two Dylan Rieder HUF Slip-On shoes, Nike brings Nike SFAF-1 (Special Field Air Forces) in winter commented on last article: "from the British fashion name," Flatspot released two Dylan Rieder HUF Slip-On shoes next: Nike in winter bring "Nike SFAF-1" (Special Field Air Forces) 〉As a boy Lebron · James (LeBron James), Kobe · Bryant (Kobe Bryant) and Kevin · Durant (Kevin Durant) through childhood toys to look forward to their future career achievements. Basketball Pro Toy Pack is designed for young athletes, with LEBRON 13, KOBE X and KD8 three big shoes, in order to salute these childhood toys. 〈br lebron="" 13="" mini="" hoop LEBRON 13 is an adjustable hoop for Cleveland superstar Lebron during his childhood training. The gradual pattern represents the adjustable height of the basket to meet the height of the child and the growth of children. The inspiration of the shoe color matching is also taken from the main color of the basketball stand. 〈br kobe="" x="" hero Losangeles point guard Kobe has adored Super Heroes since his childhood. The lightning patterns on KOBE X's shoes remind people of the eternal, inspiring hero image in the film. 〈br kd8="" money="" ball Before became an all star striker, Durant's love of basketball, as a teenager athlete, was vividly reflected in his toys. For him, with a coin and a few mini toy cars, you can have an imaginative basketball game. The car plays the player, and the coin is the ball. The KD8 insole has a penny coin on it, and the sole uses a range of car model colors. November 10th at 9 in the evening, LEBRON 13 MINI HOOP and KOBE X HERO will be selected as part of the 11.11 Nike, sold exclusively through (plum shoes editor) by the JustDon and JordanBrand jointly build Street brand AirJordan2 began to become a lot of AJ fans dream since 2015 the first double color, double color and third "ArcticOrange" in this month will be more exposed repeatedly after the official debut. A continuation of last year's "Beach" design style, the use of high-grade leather and suede AirJordan2 double stitching to create exquisite quilting, into the details to create a sense of luxury, and with a unique pink tones show. However, this time DonC to the past due to size restrictions to start a family member, so the only child size launched. JustDonxAirJordan2 "ArcticOrange" will officially debut in May 13th, selling shops in the following view. JustDonxAirJordan2 "ArcticOrange" Atlanta - WishBoston - ConceptsBrooklyn sale store - KITHCharlotte - SocialStatusChicago - 32SouthStateandRSVPGalleryCleveland - XhibitionLafayette - SneakerPoliticsLexington - OnenessMiami - SoleFlyNorfolk - Cr& eacute; meOrlando - TrophyRoomPhiladelphia - UbiqToronto - Capsule ClickheretoviewfullgalleryatHypebeast.comChinese shoes Network October 15 hearing, PUMA started a change, they began to talk about its most famous shoes SUEDE lead out to test the water, the classical SUEDE change, the introduction of the new RE-SUEDE. SUEDE Given the pun, in fact, we can say that is environmentally friendly SUEDE up, either from SUEDE (suede) shoes SUEDE material or shoes on. The shoes of the new reform of the overall material, so that the whole pair of shoes more environmentally friendly materials, although seemingly only used new fabrics, but in this case, each pair of shoes can reduce thousands one hundred fifty thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions, but the shoes also will adopt a more environmentally friendly packaging to replace the previous package. The change seemed to have no change, but it did more protection for the planet. just broke the news has become a topic of shoe money supreme x Nike Air jordan 5 the cooperation project consists of three color, where a is we all see the camouflage color, also paragraph 2 are "fire red" and "black metallic". The online release more about this camouflage color physical map. Desert camouflage shoes body matches the 3M reflective tongue, in the bottom of the black show, net surface is printed on the supreme logo, uppers on behalf of the brand was born in the year of 94 embroidery, signs of shark tooth lines is to red decorated and finally supplemented with crystal outsole, street fashion style is dye in the wood. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: shoulee81/district93_/retros_77